A Basic Grammar of Modern Greek

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This basic grammar of Modern Greek is the result of many years of teaching adult students how to understand and speak the Greek language. It is aimed at non-Greek students who, though they may have no linguistic training, need to know how to put parts of the language together so that they may understand what they hear or read as well as make themselves understood when they speak or write Greek.
We all use grammar, whatever language we write or speak. But is only when we learn a new language, as a "foreign" language, that we become fully aware of rules and forms, and of the ways words function in a sentence; and as we gradually progress to more advanced levels of communication, we need to understand more complex forms of structures in order to express ourselves more clearly. It is at this point that we realize the importance of learning grammar, both its forms and their uses.
Modern Greek is a language with clear grammatical forms and a structure based on these forms. In helping students to get to grips with these forms and structures, I have tried to keep this book as simple as possible. I have avoided too much technical terminology or too many references to phonetic rules and exceptions to rules. My book does, however, attempt to cover all those features of Greek grammar necessary to helping a learner understand the morphology and usage of the language. Through the simple explanations and sets of examples provided, it should be easy for learners to grasp how to apply the grammatical structures. [...]
ISBN: 9789601211053
Έτος έκδοσης: 2008
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