The Savvy Dictionary: A Vein of Witty Definitions

Author: Heck Tate
Publisher: Abbott Press
Product Code: 701140
9.70 €
Word play comes in many forms, and a dictionary consisting of creative definitions is not a new concept. The Savvy Dictionary, however, takes this idea and expands upon it, turning to a large and diverse set of sources to present familiar concepts in a new light. In this entertaining and enlightening reference, author and former teacher Heck Tate uses quotes and phrases coined by both famous and less familiar figures throughout history to define words in a way never seen before. He draws from authorities as diverse as Ralph Waldo Emerson, Agatha Christie, Garrison Keillor, Eleanor Roosevelt, the Bible, and his former students (listed anonymously). The excerpts provided here reach back to the time of the ancient Greeks and sweep into the present. A fusion of a traditional lexicon and Bartlett's Familiar Quotations that draws from the words of authors, philosophers, theologians, wits, and wisecrackers, this is a dictionary everyone can read just for the fun of it.
ISBN: 9781458209665
Publication date: 2013
Pages: 132